CutBank Deadlines Closing In!

Our fiction, nonfiction, and poetry contests are closing sooner than you think.

As of this post ... in 1 day and 14 hours. Seriously!

  • The Montana Prize in Fiction
    Closing January 15
  • The Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction
    Closing January 15
  • The Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry
    Closing January 15
  • The Annual CutBank Chapbook Contest
    There's still time, but not much. The entry window closes March 31.

General submissions are open from September 15 through February 1 for poetry (5 per submission), fiction, and creative nonfiction up to 8,500 words. Electronic submissions only, thanks, through our Submittable page.

* * *

Not-so-fun facts to ponder AFTER you've made your submissions


Your 'Deadline' Won't Kill You

Or will it?

"If you are reading this because you feel pressured by some deadline that is hanging over your head, you can relax a bit, since no one is going to kill you for missing it. Although that has not always been the case; people did use to be killed for crossing a deadline."

Burial Detail at Andersonville, a Confederate prison for Union soldiers, August 1864. In the 1860s, a 'dead line' was a line within or around a prison. Prisoners would be shot for crossing the 'dead line'.