CutBank 89 Cover Art:
"Golden Larch" by David Miles Lusk

CutBank 89

Our latest issue, featuring:

Poetry by Taisia Kitaiskaia, John Koethe, Alyssa McCanna, Abigail Pollokoff, and Danielle Shuster.

Fiction by Michael Byers, Joanna Eleftheriou, Daniel Paul, and Fortunato Salazar.

Nonfiction by Matthew Gallant, Sam Olson, and Amye Day Ong.

Photography by Will Adams.

Plus, the Montana Prize in Fiction, the Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction, and the Patricia Goedicke Prize in Poetry winners Tammy Delatorre, J. Matthew Gottwig, and Freesia McKee.

$10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

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Now Available: The 2018 CutBank Chapbooks

2019-03-03 Greenspan Cover (test).jpg

Don’t Give Up On Alan Greenspan

Soma Mei Sheng Frazier

2018 CutBank Chapbook Contest Winner

2019-03-03 Departure Cover (cropped).png

Another Bright Departure

Joan Naviyuk Kane

2018 CutBank Chapbook Contest Runner-Up

2019-04-18 Williams Cover (cropped).png

What You Have Left Is Me (Pre-order)

Kat Williams

2018 CutBank Chapbook Contest Runner-Up

(Expected ship date June 1, 2019)

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